Galaxy S9 Latest Screen Technology Is Marvelous

Samsung has a great position in the market and Company has always put a smile on our face with its super-looking and well-performing smartphones. Once again, the company is going to show its esteem by releasing a new super-duper G series of Galaxy –The Galaxy S9.

The design concept of Galaxy S9 is very much similar to Galaxy S8 but the functioning of features, picture quality and the audio, each and everything is outstanding. The S8 screen occupies almost 90% of the front of the phone. In fact, it does not seem a coincidence that the camera application of the S8 from time to time warns us that we must clean the target. So, faced with this problem, we decided to use the iris analysis technology to unlock the terminal. A system that uses the front camera and is usually slower than the fingerprint sensor, but more secure than the third system of identification of the S8: the recognition of the face of the user. After this revolutionary screen technology, the company now is moving on to a 95% Screen to body ratio to enhance the display surface area. The result is that the S9 screen will now look more gorgeous, according to an industry insider.

In addition to this, when it comes to the unlocking of the phone, Samsung Galaxy S9 being best among its predecessor will offer you the quickest response.

Another novelty. The proportions of the S8 screen go from being 16: 9 to 18.5: 9. This translates into two things: being the width of the smaller phone can be used more easily with one hand. For reading long texts, it is better to place the S8 horizontally. Even in full sunlight, there is no problem to see clearly the excellent screen of the S8. Obviously, when the Galaxy S8 is this sort of smart, its successor might cross the limits of awesomeness.

But the aspect ratio of your S8 screen is ideal for watching the video, makes it difficult to read if the phone is placed vertically. Try to read with S8 a long Wikipedia article and understand what we mean. Hope, Galaxy S9 will bring us an exclusive screen technology for having a comfortable experience.

The debate about the ideal proportions of the screens certainly is not new. We had seen it in the world of tablets. Some come equipped with screens with 16: 9 ratio, ideal for audiovisual content playback, and others equip 4: 3 screens, better for long reading sessions. So the Koreans have prevailed in this terminal the viewing of images in front of the reading of texts, especially if they are of a certain extension. They are not the only ones.

With the termination of S8’s issues, the aspect ratio of Samsung Galaxy S9 will be suitable for viewing the video, even for reading the text as well.

The LG G6 has a screen of proportions similar to the Galaxy S8. We’ll see what Apple does about it on the next iPhone. Will we face a fleeting fashion or the beginning of a new standard on screens? Only time will answer this doubt.


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