ClashRoyale: 7 advices for whostartsplaying

ClashRoyalehasgrownveryquicklysince the beginning of 2016, with enormousassent in the mobile market. The greatpopularitywasinherited by the predecessorClash of Clans. Ifyou are at the beginningitisimportantfollowing some tips first to start right and to be in the lead on otherbeginners. Some tips Clash Royale come from SupercellFan, a community thatrevolvesaroundthese mobile games.


Let’s start by sayingthatGems are the rarest (and expensive) resource in the game, so it’sextremelyimportantkeepthem. Gemsallowyou to do countlessactions: upgradingcards to the maxlevel, opening chests (containing rare, epic and legendarycards), makingtournaments, or buyinggold.

You can get the gems for free or through a purchase in the store. In the first case you can findthem in free chests, achievements in the game or by winningthem in the tournamentprizes.


Gold can be won by winning multiplayer games or by donatingcards in the clan. You can also decide to buyit in the storeusinggems. You must use golds for upgrade cards, too.


Chests are the awards you can win in multiplayer mode, and you can open 4 chestsat the same time. Chestscontaincards, gold and gems. Opening takes a time varying from 3 hours to 1 daydepending on the rarity.

Card types

The cards in the game are dividedintotypologies: common, rare, epic and legendary. Legendarycards are extremely rare and can be unlockedcompletelyrandomly in anychest, apart from the legendarychestthatprovides 1 legendary card. Cards can be upgraded by getting more and more. To increase the number of the same card you can requestthem in the clan or winningthemthroughchests


In a match youwillhave a max of 10 units of elixirthatyouwill use for deploycards. Each card costs a total of elixirwhodepends from the card.


Each deck must follow a strategy: for example, there are cardswhodon’tfittogether, and usingthemtogether to destroy a towerwillmakeyoulose: youwillfindcardswhofit best in some strategies and not in others. For example, the giantisvery slow and must be used with a quick card.

Time and stress

ClashRoyaleis a game thattends to makeyoustuck on the game for many hours: itis up to you to have self control and allow the game to keepyoubusy for many hours a day or not!

These are the basics of the game and willallowyou to start right away. Goodfight!

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